We offer online privacy that is safe and complete – technical as well as legal.

We can measure online privacy, and assure and ensure it, lifestyle as well as business.

Welcome to Electronic Bodyguards – privacy with proof.

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Our privacy protection goal is simple: to make certain that you are as safe as possible.

We developed a model of online privacy that defines it with precision, and that allows it to be measured and assured – in other words: we replace vagueness with facts.  Even better is that this also makes it easy to understand, as we prefer transparency and simplicity over shadowy complexity and jargon.

We will explain to your lawyer how international privacy works; we will help your IT staff to maximise your protection; but above all we will help you understand what online privacy requires so you can take informed choices.

You may have nothing to hide, yet you still have plenty to protect: family, friends, business, relationships.

Privacy is your right – we make it simple to enjoy.

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Our Advice Practice is where the knowledge and insight lives that drives our other services.

We offer high level online privacy and security advice to board and family members, along with short engagement packages:

  • Privacy & Security Health Check (1): a quick status check of family or organisational protection of information and online privacy. Depending on circumstances, this can take from 1 to 3 weeks.  Recommended for those who need absolute certainty for their family, or who would like to use privacy as a way to distinguish themselves from the competition.
  • Privacy Migration Strategy: our model is uniquely capable of converting  apparent online privacy into privacy that can be factually proven and understood – no more vagueness, and generally more efficient to maintain too.  We will analyse the organisation and discretely advice on what needs to be addressed.
  • Privacy and Security Retainer: call when you have questions, need quick advice or need to double-check your understanding.  Intelligent, understandable quality advice on call.  Please note, availability is limited.
  • Full Systems Management Retainer: taking care of all your IT in one package.  Generally suitable for smaller organisations without dedicated IT support.

(1) Mandatory for privacy insurance


Our Privacy Protected services:

  • Privacy Protected Email (including calendar sharing and contact management)
  • Privacy Protected Messaging

More services will be added as the company evolves.  As our revenue is not depending on advertising or the acquisition and sale of personal data, we can replicate many popular services in-house, but without the privacy risks.

Our clients become effectively part of a select, Privacy Protected Community, a safe place on the Internet where privacy is automatic between members.  This privacy also protects the youngest amongst us – that is what we originally set out to achieve.